Tuesday, August 30

Computers Are Hot!

Monday night as I sat at my computer and typed out my thesis, Chapter 1, I found I could concentrate more with a bit of chocolate at my side.  Not surprising.  I did spend four of my most influential pre-teen years living in Brussels, Belgium, the chocolate heaven of Europe.  It is here thanks to Leonidas, Cote D'or, Neuhaus Chocolate, etc that I became a snob, a chocolate snob.  In most other realms of life, I reject snobbery as a most laughable, as I do not believe that things and objects make any one person more important or fabulous than another.  However, I am a chocolate snob.  I know the fake when I see it, touch it, smell it and taste it.  If is not refined, dignified, mouth wateringly melty and delightsome, no thanks.  I'll pass.  

This is why as I sat down to write and nibble I grabbed some Callebaut Chocolate out of my cupboard (I warned you.  Chocolate snob).  Even though the maker of said chocolates is Belgian, these are not chocolates from Belgium, but one quickly identifies a delicious substitute when one is so remote from ones country of influence (the snobbery deepens).  And so the process contined: write a little, think deeply, flip a page, mmmmm....ponder, write a bit more, reach of a piece of choco.....ick, what!

As it turns out, my milk chocolate was under the fan vent of my screen and unbeknownst to me had been melting before my eyes as my eyes had turned to my thesis.  Fingers IN the chocolate was not what I had in mind.  Fingers AROUND the chocolate was the actual goal.

I laughed.  I licked.  I stood up to take a picture.

Melted on left.  Solid and saved on right.

Note to self: melted chocolate is a tasty as the solid variety but not so conducive to focusing on the thesis.  Keep chocolate away from all computer cooling fans.

Off to do more writing.

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