Monday, August 29

Stop Using the R-Word

A PSA announcement to help those of us who have not figured out yet that using the word 'retard' or 'retarded' is not respectful, considerate, kind or acceptable.  Having worked with, taught, been friends with and have family members who have been diagnosed with a disability(ies), language barriers or learning issues, it is time to spread the word and stop the use of language that causes others emotional anguish.  After all, 'language is constitutive; truth is provisional; meaning is contigent' (Peter Barry) and in the case of the R-word being used in modern casual slang conversation, the meaning is not a compliment.

Lately, I have been thinking about the words 'crazy' 'nut job' and 'insane' too.  I use these as common vernacular and technically they can all be referenced back to mental health issues, and in using them as dismissive or as an insult, is not respectful.  It is time to replace some of my colloquialisms with some new, more kind, words.

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