Monday, September 5

Shuswap Summer 2011

Back in the 1960's my grandfather Pilling had the far-sighted intelligence to buy a piece of property 550 kilometres away from Calgary, as a family summer vacation spot.  With his purchase of 60 acres of land his descendants have lived a good number of summers and enjoyed the forests of British Columbia and the waters of Shuswap Lake.  Anyone who visits is very fortunate and many of his relatives are deeply grateful for his wonderful gift to us all.

Here is a post of pictures from this past summer, as I made the trek from Manitoba back to British Columbia to enjoy my family and the land we have the good fortune to play, live and work on.  Doral and Wyora had nine children, who had 40 grandchildren, who now have approximately 50 great grandchildren.  When we descend on the property, we descend en force.  Here is our family blog:

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