Sunday, July 17

Winnipeg Fringe Part Deux


Borrowed from LePeg Festival Website
I write this review not solely as a lover of the arts, acting, singing, dancing, performance, but as an individual with a trained eye, ear and understanding.  You see my musical mother, who descended from a musical family, had her four older children arranged around the piano singing in unison by the time I was 7, then in parts by age 11.  We were on a schedule by this time before each school day: 15 minutes piano practice, 15 minutes instrument practice (flute for me), then 15 minutes to eat breakfast.  A few years and another country later we were tap dancing amongst other musical pursuits.  Although my musical career is currently as an amateur, my two siblings who are professional musicians, provide the family with great insight into the performing arts.  Did I also mention I just spent one year living in London, UK and saw Wicked, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, La Cage Aux Fol, and Sister Act so many times I have lost count?  I know the craft of artistic performance and hope that my words here hold some weight.

When I arrived to volunteer last night at Prairies Theatre Exchange, I had no idea I was in for such a marvellous treat!  One of the best show I have seen at any Fringe Festival, ever!  Four women meet after the death of their therapist, each one believing they have killed him.  As they learn about each other, secrets, obsessions, mental health issues, therapy and discovery ensue.  Unique and impeccably acted play.  Four actors, who are an accurate age for each part, with voices that have experienced years of arpeggios, scales, melodies and harmonies.  All soloists, yet the sonorous well blended voices of a skilled quartet.  Funny.  Joyful.  Intriguing.  Comedic.  Playful.  Insightful.  If you have $10 to spend, you will not regret the choice to see this show.  I will make it easy for you.  Click here and scroll down, find Hersteria and go! GO!  

Did I mention there were two, count them, TWO teenage boys beside me who, on the whole as an age group, don't pay much attention to middle aged women (i.e. anyone older than 22)?  These two young men were laughing, rocking back and forth at times with the guffaws and LOVED the show.  I know as their bodies showed it.  Now go get a ticket and revel in the experience of Hersteria!


  1. Tonia, I have the $10. I wish I were close enough to use it. I LOVE the January Fringe Festival in Calgary. Next year I am just going to cough up the money for the pass for the month. Thanks for taking the time to remind me how good the alternative festivals are.

  2. Same here! When will it be coming to London?

  3. Rebecca.
    The correct question is when will I be coming to London.
    I hope soon.