Monday, July 25

Vinyl Recreations at Winnipeg Fringe

My friend Wanda, the owner of Estudio Luna (Facebook link), whom I met through another friend Darren, the CEO of Solalta Advisors, introduced me inadvertently to Ashleigh and Scott, owners of Vinyl Recreations, as I arrived at Wanda's studio one night to go out to The Academy's UK Pop Night.  Funny enough it was a mistaken meeting as I showed up at Winnipeg Fringe on the wrong day, but at the right time and volunteered for the wrong shift that lead me to these new people as friends.  If I had arrived a day later for the correct shift, I would have missed their incredible work at Estudio Luna and would have missed meeting Ashleigh, Scott and Ryan.  This mistaken meeting made Fringe Fest ever so much more fun than it would have been without them.  Chance meetings, leading to good friends, leading to several evenings of brilliant times!

Ashleigh and Scott have collected 20,000 and researched methods to turn these now antiquated objects into interesting, fun, and useful products.  In their first roll-out of reused records they have created necklaces, earrings, clocks, rain sticks and bowls.  In their second roll-out Scott discussed an attempt at making lamps, earring holders, and more complex necklace patterns amongst other creations.  Holding on to the records that are still playable, they only manipulate and reshape records which no longer make music due to scratches, scrapes, etc.  I made a few purchases for gifts and bought myself a pair of earrings made from old 45 inserts.  If you are male and you wear jewellery, this will look good on you too as it has an interesting mix of retro cool factor and solid heteronormative maleness wrapped up in a simple black design.  In all, an amazing show within a fantastic festival.  Take a peak and Vinyl Recreations website and remember: be open to plans changing, fresh opportunities and new people.

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