Saturday, July 16

Winnipeg Fringe 2011

Show Reviews Thus Far: 

Lizard Boy
A one man act that takes the audience into a Columbian (if I remember correctly) housing complex through the eyes of a 10 year old boy. Using the attic of his house as a secret hide-out, he takes us through a series of stories that help us understand his early life experiences. Replete with stories of his kind mother; his unhealthy and abusive father; in cahoots with his group of friends; teaching his younger brother; making mistakes and in constant trouble, the audience experiences humor, fear, laughter, concern, shock, and joy. Be prepared to go back in time and relive a few of your own stories.
3.5 out of 5 hand claps 

Three Seconds to Live
A one man Saskatoon show with ladders, a plank of wood, and a sign used to countdown the time until the end of the world. With only 58 minutes until the end, this teenage boy tells us of his life story starting with his underwater birth and ending in tragedy. A story with a secret for each audience member to discover, Shawn Erker, writer and actor, takes us through this young man's life. Presenting some of the best acting I have seen thus far, Erker's expressive nature, ability to use varying voice techniques and use variations of characters, his performance is enjoyable and enlightening. A smart play for an astute and savvy audience.
3.95 out of 5 hand claps 

Full Screen Ahead
If you are looking to guffaw, laugh and giggle, head to this show. Five people take on an assorted group of characters in the dreams of a young man who falls in and out of sleep in front of late night TV. Between TV evangelism, a couples retreat, life insurance salesman, and a radio announcer I just kept on laughing, wiping my eyes dry.
5 hilarious out of 5 hand claps 

The most serious of all the shows I have seen as the audience is introduced to nine (or so) characters played by the same woman, who teaches us about the loss of a baby before it's birth. A subject rarely discussed but often experienced, the characters include an expecting mother in her 30's, a grandmother, a doctor, an accidental pregnancy with a forth child, and a teen pregnancy. Heartfelt, moving script, I wish the actress would have been able to change her characters more drastically during the performance. Still a strong performance.
3.5 out of 5 hand claps

Slut (R)evolution
Wow!  Holy crap wow!  Delightful holy crap wow!  Intensely sexual in the most epic and current of ways.  A conversation with a women who begins her sexual journey with online dating; then bounces back to the past to describe her religious upbringing; proceeds to enlighten the audience as per her sexual education; takes the conversation to voyerism; then takes us to a BDSM camp.  One laugh after another, one gasp of shock after another, one hand clap after another in agreement.  Go and see it if you are bold and brash enough to listen to a stranger, while sitting in an audience, talk about sex, sex and more sex.
6 enthusiastic out of 5 hand claps

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