Thursday, November 25

Festival Fun

Over the years, I have learned that when I begin doing repetitive work I may avoid it, ignore that it exists, or try to make a dull activity fun and interesting.  Well, I can't avoid the repetitive work I am currently doing as I am getting paid.  So far it has taught me that there are over 3,000 festivals in Canada and the US, 1,000 of which have been compiled on a long list.  From this list I am sharing with you my favourite names of festivals.  There are no set categories or standards of measurement to which I am comparing the festival names, but so far the ones I have chosen include the most outrageous name, the ones that make me giggle, and the ones I want to attend.  Here is the list of the first 7 with more to come:

'The Hills are Alive' Music and Dance Cultural Festival

Chocolate Tasting Festival

Are you with me on the chocolate festivals people?  Attendance is imminent!

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