Saturday, November 27


It is my one year anniversary on the website Goodreads.  Thank you to my friend Catherine for introducing me to this entire experience as I am enjoying seeing that I have read, what I am currently reading ;) , what I want to read, like to read and enjoy borrowing other reading ideas from other people.  Each month I only log in once or twice, which is a great time saver, but that is enough to update my reading information and to get ideas of books I may want to check out in the coming weeks.  This is especially helpful for fiction as there are so many books written but there are an equal number of reviews written on the website which help people quickly find books that match their reading interests.  I have also seen many reviews in several languages as well, including French and German.  Click on their logo below to see if this reading website is for you too.

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  1. When I have the basement done, and my next few trips planned, I will join a goodread. Right now, I have to prioritize.