Saturday, November 20


Turns out Winnipeg may be more progressive than Calgary (shhhh....don't tell anyone I wrote that).  November hit and extra hair began appearing above the mouthes and below the noses of many men that walked by.  People around me kept saying, 'Happy Movember'.  Mmmmm.....mow, to mow means to clean up, shorten growing items, make neater, yet here was the upper lip less clean than before.  Turns out November has been renamed and it is now called mow-vember spelled, 'Movember' and for a wonderful cause.
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Several men in Australia decided to reinstate the coolness of the moustache (hello Tom Selleck) and wanted to promote men's health.  These men were inspired by the women they knew doing breast cancer fund raising, decided to re-create a boring month and voila, Movember!  A month of moustache growing to support the raising of funds for prostate cancer research, which clinked to the tune of $7.8 million last year.  That is impressive!  Each year more Mo Bros and Mo Sistas join in the hairy work of the 30 day growth including many men in Winnipeg (even those who are facially hair challenged).  Keep growing boys!

Women are to recruit and support the moustached men so I shaved this morning, but wait until next year.  I am going to suggest women stop shaving, waxing, plucking and dyeing too.  We can donate money and hairiness to the worthy cause.  Let it grow people!  Let it grow!

Say no to these Movember 2011! 
Woot Woot!

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  1. OK Tonia, I heard from Charise that Richard is growing a big long mustache. If that is true, then he must be following your blog. I have no mustache and if Greg tries to grow one he will have to move out!