Wednesday, September 22

Winnipeg Delights

Here are a few of my favourite things about Winnipeg thus far.  Press play, then read.  Sing along if you wish!

The connection to the land is the first thing I noticed about people of Winnipeg.  They believe in respecting the land and caring for the animals who also share this land.  Animals can be found all over the city, and some appear to be quite tame and well trained.

There are also those who have a strong connection to the water, as Lake Winnipeg is less than one hour away, and Manitoba itself boasts over 110,000 lakes.  Yikes!  This is a watery place.  No wonder there are houses with such theme as this:

Along with the lighthouses, the older communities give a real sense of forestry and coziness as you walk down streets with tall broad trees overhanging them.  Sadly, these areas do not have sidewalks.  Perhaps no one thought that people would want to walk under such greenery.  I have sure loved it.

Fear not however, there may be a lack of sidewalks but the bus system is quite good, especially considering this is a smaller provincial capital of only 634,001 people.  There may be fewer folks but their sense of humour and creative advertising is ever so farcical.

If you did not enjoy that little piece of honest advertising, perhaps you will enjoy the more racy, titillation of illegal art work.  Very well executed and in a more posh neighbourhood.

Poor bear!  Once on University of Manitoba campus, one can also find unique sites including the Starbucks IN the main Dafoe library.  I also found these blue and beige contraptions.  The answer to those students who love simultaneous learnin' and rockin'.

Just in case you may think about swiping a chair to take it home and enjoy it, think again.  It is way to large to stick under a coat or in a bag, and walking out with it stuck to your rear-end is not as discreet as you might think.  As a poorer student, one might then try to pilfer smaller items to take home, but the security on campus is one step ahead and it will take more than just a good idea to find free resources at this University.

Since luck in not on your side at the Uni, perhaps you can find a treat elsewhere to brighten your mood.  How about an upside-down milkshake!  'A who-what?' you may ask.  A 'Goog Special' from the city's most famous soft ice-cream, mom-n-pop shop, the BDI.

The 'Goog Special' is described as 'as upside-down blueberry shake with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whipped cream and a cherry'.  I did not eat dinner after this not-so-wee treat.  (Note the wasp who desired to partake in my sugary feast.)

If none of these satisfy as favourite things, perhaps it is time to get out of town.  Up, further north, along Lake Winnipeg, to a small town named Gimli.  Home of the world's largest Icelandic Festival outside of Iceland, called 'Islendingadagurinn' held in the province since 1890.  Gimli is said to have been founded by Icelandic settlers in 1875.  A huge statue with massive appendages has been erected for all visitors to enjoy, which instills a sense of awe and wonder as the tourist reflects on the first inhabitants of this lakeside town.

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  1. And now?

    I want to come to Winnipeg.

    Thanks for the pictures. I just sent my camera off to the Canon people for a total remake. Looks like your camera is well and alive.

    On second thought, I might not have to come to Winnipeg if you keep sending such wonderful shots. I already feel as though I have been there.