Saturday, September 25

Recreation and Leisure in Canada

Just thought I would add some information about Recreation, Parks and Tourism on my blog.  (I need a break from reading, my eyes and brain hurt.)

Some people feel as though the recreation and tourism side of our vast fields is a bit fluffy and does not carry strong academic roots.  Interestingly enough, leisure and recreation is such an important part of healthy communities that each province in our country has its own municipal, regional or provincial department(s).  As well, Canada has a federal group that coordinates the efforts of Canadian professionals, called Canada Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA).  

In Manitoba (from what I can deduce being new to the province), there are several branches of the government that support, protect, provide space for, and who organize opportunities for leisure within the province.  One such organization is Parks and Natural Areas Branch.  An additional tourism branch promotes travel in the province using the moniker, Unforgettable Manitoba.  You may also be interested in a group that connects recreation and leisure services around the province, Recreation Connections Manitoba

Within Winnipeg, the City of Winnipeg houses its own Recreation and Leisure Department who maintain public access and use of recreation services.  This city offers an extensive list of opportunities to plan your free time with its Leisure Guide, if you are looking for ways to improve a skill or improve the enjoyment your free time.

Here is the website for the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA).  They are the umbrella group that coordinates the work of public and not-for-profit recreation groups in Alberta.  Their annual conference is coming up in October 2010.  

This is a similar organization in British Columbia, the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA).  Many more mountains, forests, wildlife and water in BC, therefore each organization coordinates different groups, but all with connections to recreation and parks.

Saskatchewan has its own Parks and Recreation Association as well.  
Or you can take a peek at PRO, the Parks and Recreation Ontario website.  
Quebec has stunning Tourism and Parcs Quebec websites.  
Heading to Newfoundland and Labrador?  Here is the NLPRA website.  
New Brunswick has combined their Tourism and Parks provincial departments.  
Prince Edward Island has a large variety of tourism options on their website.
Searching for a colder climate?  North West Territories Recreation and Parks Association can help you.
In Nunavut, you can research via the Department of EnvironmentRecreation Nunavut, or Nunavut Parks.  

This a small taste of the larger organizations that help to coordinate all the activities, programs, conferences, research organizations, therapeutic groups, parks and wildernesses of Canada and each province and territory.  Enjoy the links!


  1. Nice, Tonia.

    My brain and eyes hurt too, and it is only 10 am. Wish I could talk a walk along some of the recreational paths in Alberta right now.


  2. Hi Tonia,

    I see you are becoming educated again out in Winnipeg. Those are beautiful pictures. I bought myself a new little camera so that I can take pictures on our trip. I want to learn to take, download and use them on this trip. However, I am lagging behind and need to just take some pictures instead of moving again. I need to learn before we go on our trip.

    Thank you for the links.