Monday, September 20

Adventure to The Forks

One of the first weekends I was here a friend from Calgary came into town for a wedding and we met up.  Since the people of Winnipeg are so 'friendly', several had mentioned visiting The Forks.  No prongs here but an eclectic concoction of locally owned restaurants, jewelry, knick knack and unique item stores.  A two level complex stuffed with things to browse, touch, smell and oogle over.

The best part for me was The Candy Train.  

My nephew is a train enthusiast and my level of joy increased as I saw an old train car (which he loves), filled with sugary treats (which he also loves).  My friend and I entered and discovered two walls layered with boxes and boxes of goodies.

The usual treats of my childhood were there: pop rocks, lik-m-aid (or fun dip if you are lame), and fizz.  Strangely my friend had not had any of these treats and I gathered samples to purchase for her first 1980's treat-a-thon.  (Alas, her age may have precluded her partaking in such 'me generation' treats.)

Oh what fun we had as children in British Columbia, going into town once a month over the summer, dreaming of which candies we would buy with the quarter my parents would give us.  'One quarter bought you candy?' you may question.  Yep.  Three or even four different things at the little candy store in Salmon Arm.  Ah the joys and memories!

I came upon a few unexpected items as we perused the shelves.  Did you know you can buy a plastic Jesus, his loaves, fishes and jar?!

Other options were Moses and the commandment tablets, the Lunch Lady with her food accoutrements, or perhaps you would rather a few insects for your munching pleasure?!

Crickets and larvets.  Can one get more delectable and nutritious!

What an attraction!  
What a city!


  1. I finally showed Gabe the candy train. He thought I meant that the whole train was made of candy, and that the train wheels were gum balls. But the pictures still looked fun, except the bugs.

  2. I loved the treats Tonia. When I was with Senya and Ivan in Texas, I let them pick one treat in the store and told them they could eat it back at home. They picked this baby bottle thing. We got the treats back to the house and there is was... lick..a.maid. The nipple of the bottle was to be dipped into the sugar. I sent them into the back yard to eat them but I had to show them how to do it. When I was growing up we never had treats like this. But we did know how to go downstairs to the fruit cellar and take/borrow jello boxes of my mothers and use our fingers as the lick..a..maid stick. Do you ever think she saw our colored fingers. She never said a thing. Wyora is the one who deserves a lot of tributes. Oh if I could only have a half hour with her now but still stay alive and enjoying life. Not to be. All these years later and some memories feel like yesterday.