Tuesday, September 4

The Right Words

Life is good.
Working on a few academic things: methods section, uploading summer data onto computer, planning the graduate student orientation, and even applying for jobs.
May the gods of employment smile down upon me in great measure.
Enjoying friends and meeting some interesting new people.
Still learning both professionally and personally.

In this midst of all this I listen to music.
This song popped up during this evening in a mix/shuffle.
It is a demure and calming song.
Putting the vision of one's life into perspective.

Thought you might enjoy it too thanks to CBC Radio 2

I had a friend tell me recently that she is really enjoying watching me walk through my life right now, seeing me move through the process of re-creation, deciding what do include in it, and observing the choices I am making.  She made me envious of myself.  Perhaps this is why I keep listening to this song, not because I am in a tearful, sorrowful place, but because I feel content and peaceful, throwing my heart and life out into the ocean and wondering what will be sent back anew and what will simply be new.

The paradise you long for it's underneath your feet.
What you runnin' for?
Where've you been?

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  1. A beautiful song Tonia and lovely words to go with it. This is the first I have heard of Sarah Slean. I hope to remember her name.