Thursday, September 6

Random Photos

We all do it now that access is so much faster.
We take random photos of things we find hilarious, meaningful, interesting or crazy.
Here are a few shots I have taken over the last few months with quick explanations.

Green Eggs and Ham!
Well the closest I may ever get to it.
Thanks to Stella's Cafe and Bakery and their delicious Eggs Benedict topped off with a lemon spinach sauce.  The flavour was effervescent and I loved the eggs and ham that Sam grew to love, even if he was in a house / box / train.

Learn to what?!?
How does one do that?
Thank you and the loss of letters that put a smile on my face.

Graffiti reads:
"Jesus loves me but I just want to be friends so it's awkward."

Graffiti in the washroom of the politically left wing University of Winnipeg,
located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

More graffiti that reminded me of a book I just read about blogging, Blog Theory by Jodi Dean, and how we have become a 'whatever' culture, referring to:

"The whatever blogger just wants to get something up there, to connect, to be counted, to leave her mark, to start a meme. Dean calls this “reflexive communication”: communication caught up in its own excited loops of chat. Personalization, she argues, shapes and neutralizes every act of participation by putting the focus not on a sustainable collective identity but on the giddy “look at me” moment of the Instagram and the status line. The whatever blogger is, like, fifteen, forever." - Julia Lupton, Los Angeles Review of Books.

I am like, so, like, blogging, like, forever.  Whaaaatever!

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