Saturday, June 16

Pouring June 22

Cuz when it rains, it....

People have this experience over and over again.
Social calendar dies down bit, then WHAM!
Invitations for one night skyrocket to new heights which reminds you, you do have friends, you do have fun things to do, and you must now pick.
The tough part.

As an Enneagram 7, at this juncture, I want to split myself into two separate people (or maybe even three) say yes to all the invitations, attend all the events thus ensuring that I have not missed anything, and have not said yes to the lame thing and no to the fantastic thing.  If you are not a 7, you may not understand.  If you do, you just may be a Dr. Pepper 7 too.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

June 22, 2012

Red River Ex - completing research for many hours
Job Application - due for a good position
Weekly Summary - due to ensure I am actually working this summer
Graduation Art Show - supporting two friends as they present their art and thesis work
Bryan Adams tickets - given two free tickets to concert 
WSO Lyric Theatre - free symphony concert in the park
Mayer Hawthorne invite - a fabulous musician playing as part of Jazz Fest (free concert for me)
Jazz Festival invite - to attend another part of the festival

So far I need to find a very intelligent geneticist / medical doctor / illusionist who can split me in four, so I don't actually have to make this decision.  Now where does one go about finding one of those....

P.S.  It gets worse!  I am going to miss the World Naked Bike Ride and Party in Solidarity!  What is a social woman who is an Enneagram 7 supposed to do?!?  I hate missing the fun!!!

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