Monday, June 11


While visiting with family in Calgary I began playing a game with my nephew.  There is always a Canadian dictionary at hand as one of my sisters enjoys reading them and learning new words.  In order to avoid playing yet another video game, which is often torturous for me, I grabbed the dictionary, flipped through it and began calling out words, asking my eight year old nephew what the word meant.  Refuse, meditate, spar, pronounce, all words we defined and talked about.  Then I spied the word 'ochre'.  I asked him what the word 'ochre' meant and he shared his response with me in about 15 seconds:

"Oh, that's the sound that Darth Vader makes when he is breathing in and out.  
Ohhh-ker.  Ohhh-ker.  Ohhh-ker!"

Just hilarious!  Amazing connection and of course, we imitated Darth Vader and his breathing for about five minutes in between bouts of laughter.  In the end I did share the actual dictionary definition of the word ochre, but that word, for me, will never be the same.


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