Saturday, June 2

Cattle Research Leads to Food

Currently I am completing some research for a new local museum that has opened just south of Winnipeg, the Farm Food Discovery Centre.  I am completing research in an area that is new to me, cattle.  Yep, this urban woman is knee deep in world wide cattle names, histories of new breeds, the ways cattle is used...including their manure.  Quite the learning curve I have to say.

As I look at webpages, read posts, and attempt to decipher breeding charts (yes they exist and they are like a foreign language), I come across other interesting websites like this one.  A man who lives in Geneva who love gastronomy (this word has always made me cringe a bit), and has a post about Swiss cattle and the cheese he found that is made from their milk after they have feed in alpine meadows on flowers, herbs and grasses.  Now that is the life!  Walking about on Swiss mountain sides, munching on natural foliage, hanging with fellow cows and calves.

This was another website that made me want to lick the screen and wow, what a set up!

Find food.  
Create dishes.  
Take pictures from the photography contraption hanging from your ceiling.  

Motivating me to finish my thesis so I can find something this cool to do with my life.  Plus, now I want to join this man on one of his adventures of travel, gastronomy and photography.  Add to bucket list!

The post I found by typing into Google, "what do swiss cows eat in pasture", garnered me this delectable webpage:

I don't think Francios-Xavier or Google is actually saying that the cows eat this dish, but I don't really know anything about cattle remember!?!

Here is the generic page of delicious international goodies:

Bring food to the computer with you  
Quality food  
And a napkin
...for drool...


Later in the day......

I came across a Canadian Beef Blog, yes I did.  
Yep there is.
This is for all you meatitarians out there who are hankering for an amazing bar-b-q.

(Tonia returns to being distracted now.)

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  1. Reading about grain and beef in Winnipeg...and oh look, a bird flying by! Who is it? So hard to keep one's mind on the thesis at hand. Love the post!