Tuesday, June 5

Ah Alanis!

Ah Alanis!
The second most famous woman who taught us that getting mad and angry can be therapeutic.
Sinead O'Connor was the first of course.
Which is why when this song popped up on my iPod as I was working out, I listened to it several times.
Such lyrical therapy can be purchased for as little as $0.99.

This video is really not of any high quality but the lyrics, it is all about Alanis' lyrics.
The woman who started dancing and singing in malls in Ottawa has come a long way.
She has taught us all a thing or two about anger and crazy people.
And oh those users.
She has taught us a great deal about those people too.

Thank you Alanis and Sinead.
Thank you.

The Lyrics

Something so benign for me construed as cruelty 
Such a difference between who I am and who you see 

Conclusions you come to of me routinely incorrect 
I don’t know who you’re talking to with such fucking disrespect 

This shit’s making me crazy 
The way you nullify what’s in my head 
You say one thing do another 
And argue that’s not what you did 
Your way’s making me mental 
How you filter as skewed interpret 
I swear you won’t be happy til 
I am bound in a straight jacket 

Talking with you’s like talking to a sive that can’t hear me 
You fight me tooth and nail to disavow what’s happening 

Your resistance to a mirror I feel screaming from your body 
One day I’ll introduce myself and you’ll see you’ve not yet met me 

Grand dissonance 
The strings of my puppet are cut 
The end of an era 
Your discrediting’s lost my consent

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