Wednesday, May 23

Busy Busy

Just letting all three of my readers know that I am very busy.
Trying to have my thesis ready to go out to my committee within the week.  It is already at 50 pages so I think I have already gone overboard as the research has not started yet.
Working for professors over the summer trying to complete several tasks with very short deadlines.
Still doing some student political work.
Visiting family for a week coming up soon.
Volunteering at festivals again this summer.
Starting the professional job search as well.
This summer is going to move quickly by, I will be learning a lot of new skills, and I am going to have to get myself on a regular schedule.  Not a big fan of those.
Will post when I have the chance but that is not until June sometime.
Busy Busy Busy!

1 comment:

  1. I will keep you busy the week you are in Calgary so don't do any blogging then. Looking forward to seeing you. Your bedroom is waiting.