Tuesday, March 20

Master's Thesis

This morning at about 3 am I sent in my first draft of my thesis to my professor.  Knowing that I still have another 4-6 drafts to write, that I have just started the beginning, and that the research then subsequent analyzing of this research will take time, it still felt good to press send.

My Articles
My Mascot (Funshine Bear)
My thesis is all about the relationship between serious leisure, hobbyist-cultural tourists, and amateur travel bloggers and photographers and their opinions of how their work is influencing tourism.  I have been reading for one year (articles, books, websites), and writing for eight months.  The pictures in this post provide a wee peak at most of what I have read to prepare myself to write.

Leisure, Recreation, Tourism Anyone?

Expanding and Hurting My Brain
(all at the same time)
So much information that my brain started to hurt when I thought about my thesis for the millionth time in February.  To push through, I gave up much of my life over the last three weeks and focused on reviewing my readings, synthesizing information, writing, thinking, reviewing, then writing more.  Forty pages later, I have the first three chapters of my thesis done with 8 pages of references (70 in all) backing up what I have written.  It is my hope that I did not go completely off the rails and that most of what I wrote is usable.

The Articles Organized

Here are the websites I cited in my thesis.  I don't know if they will go or stay but take a peek and perhaps a thing or two may be learned.

Brigitte Eaton
Eatonweb Portal 

(Site being retired January 13, 2012.)



Hello British Columbia Blog

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

In The Know Traveler

Adventures for Singles

Jesse James Garrett

National Post: Travel

Online Journalism Review

Rebecca’s Pocket

Solo Traveler




Visit Winnipeg Blog

So many travel websites out there, this is just a peak.  I feel like I have learned so much that one thesis just does not cover what I have observed (mostly) in my brain.  I will keep you posted as to the next stage of this whole process.  Until then, yahoo me!  

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