Tuesday, October 11

Crazy Busy!!!

Crazy busy does not begin to tell you how my life is at this point.  Trying to survive a quantitative statistics class, writing a thesis, needing to propose by December, completing student governance work on two levels, preparing for two AGM's, attempting to grade two sets of assignments, teaching a seminar, updating resume, applying for potential employment, completing some research on behalf of professor, attempting to assist in creating a post-secondary course, and trying to get some semblance of sleep in there somewhere.  Occasionally I put a piece of food or a drink to my lips in an effort to keep my energy up.  Third term of grad school, HOLY CRAPPOLA!!!!

This term started out in a furry and will continue as such until the holidays.  Here is hoping that I actually have a holiday in two months.  I continue to pop Cold FX every day.  Off to do more.  Will return when have a chance to breathe.

1 comment:

  1. I can hardly wait for the holidays to come Tonia. We will holiday hard!