Friday, October 14

1000 Words

This what I currently feel like:

Photograph by T. Bates

As you walk down the streets of Prague (Praha), the capital of the Czech Republic, your feet are touching the foundations of the old remnants of four town borough(Old Town, New Town, Hradčany and Lesser Town).  Different cities, united in the 18th century, into one urban space.

As you gaze around, your eyes will take in Charles Bridge, Old Town Square,  Prague Castle, open air markets, multiple churches, bohemian crystal, and garnets (many many garnets).

While navigating the narrow, cobblestone streets it is hard not to look up and out at the architecture of the bridges, river walk, concert halls, skinny alleys, museums, and cathedrals which sometimes date back to the 1200's.  While walking along in the Old Town you may have the same experience I had, as I gazed up, yet again, with strained neck to see a man, hanging precariously from a piece of wood.  Thoughts of a man in the depths of sorrow quickly entered my mind and I wanted to yell out, "DON'T DO IT!!!!", only to see, at second glance, that the man was made of steel and the piece of wood, a piece of steel.  I stopped.  I gazed.  I smiled at the trick for which I had almost fallen.  The seriousness and humour of modern art in the middle of decades of history.

This is the current wallpaper on my cell phone as I know how this man feels.  Not suicidal or ready to let go, but feeling that the third term of grad school is pushing me down.  I am holding on, but barely.  So much to accomplish.  Such a short time frame.  Just a quick break to let you know that my right hand is still grasping the beam that is jutting out from a wall of academia.  

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