Wednesday, July 6

What to Wear to a Festival?

Winnipeg is the city of summer festivals.  It is not the only city that can brag as such, but it has the most summer festivals in Western Canada with Edmonton coming in a close second (I may have just made that up).  My goal is to volunteer for every festival possible in Winnipeg this summer.  The logic is that festivals cost money, volunteering saves me that money, I meet new people, enjoy live music, arts and comedy, and have a wonderful time soaking in the atmosphere.  So far I have volunteered at the Winnipeg Jazz Fest, Folklorama, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, with the Winnipeg Folk Fest and Winnipeg Fringe Festival in the wings awaiting my participation.  Most importantly as I attend these events I learn how homegrown so many of the artists, comedians, musicians and professionals involved in the creation of events truly are.  Perhaps the skill of music is in the earth, air and water as The Peg has an amazing and broad music scene that lasts all year long.

In order to continue trying to fit into the scene and in preparation of my first sleep-over/camping folk music festival this year, I was able to find these videos to assist all attending a summer camping festival in order to be prepared.  What to wear?  What to bring?  What to leave at home?  Watch and learn my friends, watch and learn:

For Everyone (well, perhaps more for dudes):

For the Ladies:

If you are going to the Wychwood Festival or want any information about any other UK festival, try this.  Oh the UK, how I miss thee!

If you want to learn more via the medium of video, check out Videojug: Get A Good Life (available as an App as well).

Enjoy your festivals!


  1. I haven't talked to you for a while Tonia. I want to hear about your fiestivals.

  2. I wore fluorescent gear to the Oregon Country Fair last weekend...sometimes sans underwear. Annnd, will wear a lightweight cowgirl hat to the Stampede Rodeo tomorrow with...flirty skirt and Amsterdam cowboots. : ) Have fun T - FESTIVALS!