Friday, May 13

Mr. Diety

As I was trying to avoid work this past weekend I stubbled upon this.  It is so funny!  Especially for those of us who don't mind making fun of religion.  mr.diety is the brain child of Brian Dalton who was raised in as a Christian and has become an atheist after having taking a long hard look at what he had learned and how so much of it, to him, became absurd or even dangerous to believe.  He has taken his real life experiences, the research he has completed, and his inner humour to create a clueless god who lacks empathy, that not only is creating a random universe with enormous flaws but with hilarious side-kicks.  Larry, his left hand man appears to be smarter, more empathetic and much more logical than god himself.  Then there is the former flame, Lucy (a.k.a. Lucifer), who is charge of creating hell and ensuring that those who arrive are treated properly.  Let me tell you about Jesse, a delightful looking man who is god's right hand man, who has accepted the role of being Jesus, although he is constantly wanting to get out of his final demise.  It is on to season three and quite interesting, hilarious and demonstrates the absurdity of so many of the beliefs that people automatically accept without actually understanding the theoretical and logical broader consequences of these beliefs.

May I encourage you to watch.  Most entertaining and enlightening.

So far this is my favourite season 1, episode 8:

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  1. I love some of Mr. Diety's shows, especially "Mr. Diety and the Evil". There is a Mr. Diety & the women that is pretty funny as well.