Wednesday, May 11

Children and Funky Song

My mother taught choir at school in her 'spare time' while teaching in Ottawa.  Her choir was known as the 'black light choir' as the children wore black, the lights would dim, the children would start singing, then the kids would pull out their hands wrapped in white gloves and begin to dance them around with planned movements and organized theatrics.  The audience would gasp knowing they were in for a treat, a different sort of creative experience, music infused with the delights of sound and spectacle.  Once she retired I borrowed her black lights and gloves and the choirs I taught were able to delight several audiences in Calgary.

A choir in Staten Island, New York recently converged on the stage at the Oscar's and an already well known group of public school children from this area became even more famous.  They too are using creativity, genius, modern music, free movement of singers, and fun to create and share the joys of music.  PS22 Choir is an amazing group of kids and the director is a genius.  This is music!

Here the choir is covering a new hit from the UK singer Adele, whom I saw in London in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of the Arts, when she was just setting out.  The title of the song: "Rolling In the Deep".  Her new CD "21" is outstanding and these children do it justice.  Singing three and four part harmony at this age is hard to teach but these kids are bang on.  The soloist has a mature voice in a little person frame.  Incredible!


More Music of Public School 22

One quick thought, does this break any child labour laws?  I hope not because I don't want them to stop singing.  Keep going!

The Official Adele Video: Rolling in the Deep

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