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Since I am student and strapped for cash, I have taking books out of the library breathing travel though other's words and making plans for my future adventures.

Lois on the Loose

A courageous biker woman from the United Kingdom is tired of her repetitive life in London in a small office at the BBC and longs for an adventure out in the world.  I long for more adventures IN London myself, but I digress.  Since she has written this book about travels one could assume she quit her job and began her adventurous travels.  'Tis true.  She did.  Her goal is to ride her motorcycle in the fresh, open expanse of the Americas from the top in Anchorage, Alaska, through British Columbia, Canada, through the United States, down the west coast of Central America, skipping Columbia to land by plane in Ecuador, on to Peru, peeking in on Bolivia, through Chile, down to the most southern city in the world Ushuaia, Argentina.  Through eight months of riding and many, many adventures she entertains the reader with an eclectic mix of stories and odd experiences.

Lois Pryce takes us on a bike ride of a lifetime, peppering her writing with brief details of the road, the scenery and on occasion the people she meets on her journey.  She shares her difficulties finding a complementary riding partner, decides she is not a fan of the leering men throughout most of Central America, makes us laugh at the outrageous cross border process in several countries, creates a reputation in the South American biker world which precedes her arrival, and reminds us that come snow, sleet, rain, dirt, gale, and scorching heat, a woman with a mission is a person who will succeed.  Pick it up.  Give it a thorough read.  My only critique is that I wished for more details of each country and its people.

Her partner Austin Vince is also a motorcyclist and traveler.

From Lois' website, Thomas Dunne Books, 2007

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