Wednesday, May 4

The Bully Project

As a former educator, as a niece with a bully for an uncle, an employee who worked with an underhanded bully, and as a family member whose sibling was bullied, we are all affected by the issues of bullying.  In particular in the USA in 2010 there has been wide spread acknowledgement that openly gay and bisexual teens are not only bullied more but have fewer resources and people from whom to ask for help, and often turn to suicide.  Spread the word that the choices we all make on a minute by minute basis can contribute to an environment of love, acceptance and peace.

One of the best American authors, Barbara Coloroso, and public speakers who takes the issues and explains who participates: the bully, the bullied, and the bystander.

Your boyfriend George has a clip of the movie and is asking people to join the conversation online.  Perhaps it should be called the Anti-Bully Project but either way add your voice, do what you can to embrace and enjoy people, to see who they really are, then enjoy those people.

Teach your children what bullying looks like, the physical, the verbal, the social, the emotional.  Teach them how not to bully, then teach them how to stand up to bullies.  As for you as an adult, either at work or elsewhere, don't let anyone bully you either.

Here is a great commercial for all the redheads out there:

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