Wednesday, February 23

Photography with Freeman Patterson

After my quick trip to Costco during which I bought excessive amounts of prepared foods as my time is limited over the next month, I came back to my apartment to begin the organization of said foods in grab-and-go containers.  There is no television in my apartment as it is a distraction from actually completing my Master's Degree and I live alone, so listen to CBC radio quite a bit.  Local radio here consists of 1970's classic rock (ugh!), a sports radio station (no thanks) and some post World War 2 station I happened upon once.  Interesting station for an hour or so but I am not a 1950's war vet and I have no memories with which to associate their tunes.  So CBC Radio it is!

Strangely I sound quite interesting and intelligent lately as I am learning many current and historical things on our government sponsored radio station.  While preparing foods a show I have not often listened to with a host whose voice is as deep at the Grand Canyon,  had a special photography guest on, Freeman Patterson.  He reminisced about growing up on a farm, then attending theology school while in his early 20's.  During this time he purchased a camera and began taking a few pictures.  He eventually came to love the process and creativity of photography, which he quickly incorporated into his education.  His story continues through words, sounds, stories and 36 trips to Africa as he builds an accidental then purposeful career while creating an incredible body of work.  Currently living in the Maritimes, Patterson shares with the listening audience his many talents, including being an eloquent speaker, published author, well-known Canadian photographer, lover of nature, and meaningful advice giver to current photographers.

May I suggest you listen to the podcast: Ideas with Paul Kennedy

Then look at his website and stunning work: Freeman Patterson

When I am done school, I am going to add the bottom row of these to my book collection: Books

Glad I went to Costco and don't have to cook for a month.
More excited that I turned on the CBC.

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  1. Tonia, you need to make a hard copy of all your posts and put them in a binder.