Tuesday, February 22

Crazy Days

This weekend I spent time out at Lac Du Bonnet at a friend's cabin.  It was my style of camping: large living room, three bathrooms, queen size beds, running showers / toilets / sinks, taking turns making meals, and fantastic conversation.  As well, we had a two hour photography jaunt to the Pinawa Damp and I also took the time to photograph some birds that were attracted to the owners bird feeding table.  Winter bird, food heaven!  I hope to write and publish several pictures here on my blog soon-ish.

As well this weekend, while I was trying to relax, I woke one morning in a panic knowing that the amount of academic work I have to accomplish in the next six weeks is going to be the largest and most difficult climb so far in my academic career.  With one take-home mid-term, one 5 page paper, one final exam, and the weekly 9 - 12 articles to read, completing the marking of mid-terms for undergrads, teaching potential Physical Education teachers once per week, and the piece-de-resistance the three term papers of 15 - 20 pages each, I shall try to sleep and eat on occasion.  It will be a struggle but the learning curve is astronomical and I am enjoying it!  I hope to share more of what I have learned this term in the spring and summer on this blog but for now, here for the sake of saving time here is a piece from a relative.  

This is a piece from my family's blog.  My cousin Dr. Rebecca Johnson wrote an op-ed piece about the state of the local police department in her Victoria, BC community.  Enjoy!

Link to family blog:  Larch Haven

Link to the published newspaper article: Oak Bay Police Review

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