Friday, August 13

Spa Lady Pisses Me Off After They Take My $$$

Hello Spa Lady and Paramount Acceptance Inc,

Over the past year I have been out of the country working in the United Kingdom.  Upon my return and reading over my financial statements I realized that I have been charged during my year out of the country, for a membership at Spa Lady that ended in June of 2009.  When I took out a membership on June 26, 2008 I specifically said to the representative that I wanted a one year contract, and a ONE YEAR contract only because I was moving out of the country as of July 2009.  Upon my return I was shocked to see that Spa Lady had been charging me to use their services during the year, even though my contract had expired, I was no where near a Spa Lady, and no one had contacted me asking to renew the expired contract. 

Such withdrawals will end immediately.  I enjoyed using the Spa Lady facilities but am very upset and angry that your business practices have changed and you no longer provide the personal service you once offered.  The Spa Lady business I joined in the early 2000's contacted me at the end of my contract to ask if I wanted to renew my membership, they did not take money out of my account without a new contract being signed, and provided me the personal services my money deserved.  I will no longer be using any services that associated with Spa Lady or Paramount Acceptance Inc.  Let me know when my cheque for reimbursement is in the mail.  


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