Sunday, August 15

Winnipeg Arrival

Hi All, 

It took me two days of driving and many pit stops but I made it to Winnipeg safely.  On the first day I spent about 1.5 hours frolicking through the Saskatchewan fields taking pictures and by the time I arrived at m Uncle Sean's last night, my eyes were itchy, red, with a stuffed nose, sneezing and I realized I am allergic to the province.  Since I have no previous allergies I was quite surprised but a quick purchase of some Claritan on the way out of town stopped most of the symptoms.  The drive between Regina and Winnipeg was not as exciting and I frolicked less in the fields, therefore the allergy symptoms were less.  Dave's brother Michael was home when I arrived and my belongings (which filled up every inch of my car) are now safely installed in my bedroom.  I will start looking for a place to live tomorrow and meet with my professor on Tuesday.  Other than this I will be meeting with other professors and TA's I will be working with over the next few weeks.  Then the hard work begins.  

I will keep you all updated on my new adventure.  Hugs, kisses and headbutts!


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