Tuesday, August 10

Prop 8 Update: Marriage for All

I am proud to live in a country where we do not withhold the basic rights of legal permanent relationship status from citizens based on same-sex relationships.  In Canada the legal status of cohabitation and marriage with all its benefits have been available for all people since 2005.  When our current Prime Minister took office in 2006 and wanted to re-open the gay marriage debate the country told him to move forward with other business.  On this issue, we had made our decision and it would not change.  What a wonderful way to demonstrate unconditional acceptance, appreciation of and care for all members of society, by offering the same choices that heterosexual couples have enjoyed for decades.  I am going to hug a fellow Canadian right now...sniff!

(Photo from boxturtlebulletin.com)

When California's Prop 8 appeared in the social, political, judicial and religious circles, I was appalled at the actions of individuals and organizations that wanted to repeal the freedom of choice that had already been given to the California LGBT community.  In such a progressive, freedom claiming nation, why was this portion of it regressing where so many nations had already succeeded?  In particular, those groups who professed current practices of marriage between one man and one woman, but historically and behind religious doors practiced otherwise, caused the arrow on my moral compass to spin uncontrollably.  Hypocrisy in action.  Having had a life long connection to one such group, I was ashamed, and for me it was the final piece of exit music required to move forward with my life sans connection.

In honour of those whose marriages were declared null and void the American justice system offers this ray of hope.  Thanks to a friend of mine, I can now share it with you:

Let the sun shine...let the sun shine in...the sun shine in!   

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