Tuesday, July 20


I just discovered the tasty goodness of Vanilla Shreddies with freshly cut strawberries on top.  Oh the tangy blend of two simple flavours, vanilla and strawberry, and the goodness of 100% whole wheat.

To my Canadian friends, enjoy the fruits of the season while they are in abundance.  To my American friends, I am sorry the crunchy, tasty, healthiness of Shreddies has not made it across the border.  Time for a little cross border cereal shopping, n'est pas?

(Pictures from Google Images.)

On another note, Garage Sale Part 2 & 3 this weekend, July 24 & 25 at 1 Chisholm Cres. NW.  8 am - high noon.  Many teacher books, lots of kid's chapter books, hard cover story books, classroom decorations, assorted household items, LDS adult books, and LDS CD's all for your perusal.  As well, a rabbit or large rodent cage, bedding, food, carrying case, and leash all available for sale.  Come, we make a deal!

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