Friday, January 15

Other Cool Sites

As you can tell, there are many links to other websites, informative articles, and interesting blogs in each of the posts I create.  On the occasion there is no theme that runs through a set of websites that I enjoy, I will create a post like this with a list of "Other Cool Sites" that you might want to peruse.  For example:

Post Secret
Frank Warren has been collecting secrets since 2003.  With just under 300 million visitors to the website, you can read the collected secrets of others or add one of your own if you wish.

We Feel Fine
This website has to be explored to be believed and is the most creative, innovative and interesting website I have seen all year.  Taking information off the internet immediately after it has been typed, you can have a sense of 'human emotion on a global scale'.  Discover it anew daily.

Top 100 Canadian Political Blogs
For those who love to search, read, think, question and intellectually repartee with others, all with a Canadian spin.

Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia
What do you get when you mix art and popular culture into one intellectual space?  A place where you should tread lightly as the fringes of society are bound to be there, which makes everything far more exciting, n'est ce pas?

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