Monday, January 18

More Artsy Coolness

Part 1:
The History of the World with 100 Objects
I LOVE THE BBC!!!  Despite rumours of top-heavy overpaid brass, a yearly mandatory payment from each TV owner in the UK of 120 pounds, using the same comedians and celebrities over and over and over, I still love them.  Sites such as this, with a partnership to create such originality, necessitates an even deeper devotion.  (Let me know if this link functions.  At times, outsiders cannot connect to UK sites.)  Link your brain to the past!

Part 2:
Londoners enjoy a plethora of markets with delights to tempt every enthusiast (or simply a chance to purchase this weeks fruits and veg).  This weekend I ventured to a 50 year old market I had never visited, Bayswater Road Market.  This market runs on Sunday and boasts professional artists (mostly painters) from all over the United Kingdom, who venture forth to sell their works of art.  Oh the delights to my eyes, the ideas for the creative spirit, and the slow beat of my step as I inhaled the individuality of each artiste.  Below are the websites of my favourites:

The Studio Gallery
Michael R Reynolds and I had a discussion about his painting techniques with his swirling, landscape-esque pictures using oils.  The cavernous blues and ominous reds (MR 49, MR 57); so magnificent as 'one-off' works of art.  I may return to make a purchase in the next few weeks.

Lucien Simon
Dear Lucien,
I want to have your children...I mean...your surealist art made me giggle aloud, not because it was meant to, but sweetie the wasp, the carrot, the fungi...oh what dreams you must have!  Someday I will buy your piece...I mean a piece.  Those sleek...what a pleasure to observe...they make the eyes draw upwards to the top of your glass table!  Such blissful book perches!  Perchance could you mail a jagged-edged coffee table to Canada, and throw in an outdoor glass sculpture just because I blinked my pretty eyes and asked.
All my fanatical adoration,

How?  How could I not love the boundary shaking that is your art?!  Women!  Hippy!  Round!  Fleshy!  Startling!  Bravura!  Seizing the eye and refusing to allow it to see anything but intense exquisiteness!  Sadly Adrian's website is lost but voilà, an article to counter the Twiggy world.  With a quick scroll a discovery of artist links that will convince, that largess and beauty are one and the same. 

Ian Tifield: Artist in Oils
A more charming and authentic witness of London I have not seen.  The wee streets, stalwart iron gates, pictorial parks, gas lamps, pubs of yore, genuine squares, record snow fall, and the memories they shall elicit.  Ah, I may purchase a Regent Scene from thee yet.  The temptation to have a commissioned work of my father's building as a gift for him, is a possibility as well.  Much to ponder.

Sharon O'Brien
Sassy.  Suggestive.  Not sure if I would hang one in my living room but perhaps the study?

This man was the winner...or perhaps I was the winner as I adore my two purchases (no, as the link states, I did not spend 2,000 pounds on two pictures, mine are significantly smaller and less costly).  They combine to make a modern and eclectic mixture of the things I love the most about London.  The artist Jan said that he sold the first set in the series to an art dealer; the second set to an art gallery; this third set made it to the streets and now he can sell them at this market.  He is most excited that born and bred Londoners buy his work because if its complexity and uniqueness.  Now, Canadians do too.

Go out!
Absorb the art around you!
Save up the pennies!
Make a purchase or two in your lifetime!
Put some money in the pockets of real artists with whom you can discuss their work!
IKEA and poster sales have enough money!
Do the art thang!

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