Monday, December 7


Having read Gregory Maguire's book several years ago, and being led to deep contemplation while watching the musical several times in London; I offer you my favourite quote from Mark Platt, one of the co-writers of the musical.

The Grimmerie 

The Wizard has no power.  He has to exploit the fear and ignorance of others.  That is a theme in history that repeats itself over and over.  How many times have we seen leaders and dictators who prey on the differences in others in order to galvanize a group of people?  It happens all the time in history, repeatedly.

Along this same vein of thought, I have added one link on the right 'Abuse Prevention & Assistance', that will connect readers, who are experiencing abuse, to Canadian local, provincial and federal groups.  The misuse of power is an issue for us all.

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