Wednesday, April 6

New Blog with a Travel Focus

Hi All 7 Readers,

As you can see I have not updated this blog for a while.  Life has changed since grad school and I have moved on to some new things.

I'm back in Alberta.
I'm in the classroom teaching.
I'm singing in some new choirs.
I'm meeting a lot of new people and enjoying my city, revisited.

In the next few months my plan is to begin a blog dedicated to travel and tourism.  Since this is what my thesis was dedicated to, and it is the first passion in my life, it is time to do what I love.  Keep posted and thanks for reading for the last little while.



  1. Looking forward to more on travel and tourism. I am trying to downsize my house. I find the one thing I cannot recycle is my travel books. I am also stuck with binders of articles I have collected about places to visit on the way from here to the Shuswap.

    I am giving up on downsizing either of those things. Keep what is important and throw away the rest is going to be my motto.

    Look forward to reading what you think is important.

  2. Hello,

    I keep looking for more info on travel from you. I like to hear about the planning as well as the execution of trips. How about something about Denver. Even something about Medicine Hat would be good. I even want to know about my own city. Today at breakfast I heard a little family talk about going down to the agricultural show at the Saddle Dome. Even that sounded fun.

    Sign me,

    A Devoted Reader