Saturday, September 7

Missed a Few Months...How....

Wow. I have never missed two months of blogging since I started this blog a few years ago. It is not that I don't have things to blog about, it is about the time factor.  Now that I am in the workforce full-time again, I have a position of management, I continue to write my thesis (despite sacrifices of my recreation time and other life activities), and I moved to a new adult, grown-up, professional apartment. All of this means less time to sit and write creatively for this online space. I don't want to be the type of person that abandons one's blog so I will quickly add this update and a photo from my new balcony and say that after I defend my thesis this Fall (cross my fingers and get to work), I shall be back to blog on a regular basis.

Thanks to my mum, Aunt Arta and others who may read, I do enjoy writing this blog so I shall be back. In the interim, I shall be staring out at this view and I sit and complete my fourth rewrite for my final thesis document.

Thanks to Photosynth, I can give you an almost 180 degree view of what I see every morning and night. Lucky me!

A bien tôt!


  1. I love your view. I expect I shall see it in person someday. I also love your camera skills. Thanks for all of the viewing pleasure, Tonia on your blog.

    Love what I think is the Red River in the picture. I always show my boarders a box of my favorite cereal -- Red River Cereal. I tell them it is very Canadian. There is a small Red River wagon as a logo in the middle of the cereal box. Perhaps I can come to Winnipeg, look at the view and eat my cereal on your balcony.

  2. Such a lovely view and such a lovely view of the flood plane. I will make sure that I come to visit. Welcome back to blogging! Now Laynie has started a Larch Kitchens blog site.

  3. Tonia, please correct the spelling of plane to plain in my last comment.

  4. Such a beautiful picture of your view Tonia. I will be there to enjoy it one day soon.

  5. Hi Tonia,
    Looking forward to watching the view with you.

  6. Hey! I posted a lot and here I am again. You must be very busy Tonia. Thinking of you.