Thursday, January 24

Crunch Time

So it is crunch time for me and my thesis.  I have nine weeks to complete the document and can't afford to take any longer, not professionally, not financially, and not personally.  The number of participants I have is great, if I get a few more, then fantastic.  The data has been organized and now I will sit at a computer for nine weeks and try to find themes, relationships, patterns and create categories to organize all the information.  I hope this part goes well and I complete a thesis of which I am very proud.

Since I take on too much and stretch myself a bit thin, mostly because life is worth experiencing and living, I have had to remove everything from life that would be a distraction.  No work for my faculty, no favours available for friends, and some time away from other responsibilities so I can get this done.  It is interesting to me the number of people I have met in the past three years who have said they started a Master's degree but never finished.  Now I know why.  It is all on the individual in the end.  No one can make you do this work.  There are no due dates, they are self imposed.  You forgo an existence of participating in the world around you.  No one really cares as much as you about finishing.  It is not relevant to others if you have money or not to finish.  And in the end, you have to want to finish this document and move forward with your life.

Hence, I will not be blogging as much in next few months.  I have to save all my good thoughts, words and ideas for my thesis, as there are only so many that go around ;), so all 10 readers, bear with me.  And if you are travel blogger who has participated in this research, thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. This is not goodbye from you, just that you are going on a thesis cruise with no access to the internet. Well, not really. My guess is that occasionally you will be sneaking out to read the rest of us who are not quite as disciplined and will keep blogging.

    Looking forward to you being back at the end of March, since how can I live without getting your book reviews, your fabulous pictures, your stories of life as a grad student.

    I am cheering for you. And I care that you are taking a hiatus. But I don't care enough to call you back. Just waving good-bye, Tonia, and hope to see you soon. Isn't the end of March when I get to file my income tax. Yes, that will be here all too soon, looking at it from that perspective.