Saturday, December 8

Old Jasper

This past October I took a chance to drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Jasper, Alberta....OK, I was headed to an academic conference and I couldn't afford to fly so 'took a chance' might be over stating a bit.  I had to drive.  While in the mountains I was reminded how much I love them and how lucky people are who live near them.  When they were in my backyard I certainly did not take advantage of them as much as I should have.

During my drive I pulled over repeatedly for about two hours on the way home, taking pictures, feeling the peace and quiet, and watching the daylight play on the scenes before my eyes.  Here are a few shots that I played with on my computer that remind me of the old postcards you can buy in tourists shops.  Pictures such at these can also be seen on the walls in the old Canadian Pacific hotels as framed tributes to the historical past.  These are new though, and mine.

An old picture in a new time

Like pictures of old with one glaring addition :)

Light and fluff on rock


  1. Tonia,

    I didn't know you had gone to Jasper. I used to go there on AUPE Conventions and have so many fond memories. Did you stay at the Jasper Park Hotel. I remember being in their swimming pool late at night, looking out at the mountains. And those walks around the frozen lake? Oh, so fantastic. I also drove there with three of my sisters and stayed overnight. Jasper is the Banff of the 1940's. Less touched by commercialism, I think. I call the stretch of highway between the turn off on the Trans-Canada up to Jasper, the view that doesn't stop for 200 miles. I didn't give it that name, but agree with the person who did. You didn't take that road, I am guessing, though you may have.

    When I saw the title of your post I thought -- is Tonia talking about a dog she has met, or is she referring to one of Alberta's most beautiful spots.

    Thanks for bringing back good memories to me.


  2. And I never went on that sister trip to Jasper. You have done a fantastic job of framing those pictures.