Monday, November 5

Listen Up!!!

Here are the websites of some of the bands, musicians and people I have seen perform while I have been in Winnipeg these past two years.  I have to say, of all the places I have lived (and there have been a few places), I have never lived in a city with such a plethora of musicians, who are so approachable and friendly, who create such a variety of sounds, and who have so many opportunities to perform in such a wide variety of venues, which creates opportunities for people like me to attend concerts.  Quite intense and incredible.  Wish I had more money and time to attend all of the events but alas, I can only attend 4-6 per month.  Poor me.  :)

While not all these musicians are Winnipeg or Manitoba based, they have visited here through various performance theatres or festivals and I have had the pleasure of seeing them.  Click on the name of the band or musician to be directed to their website and enjoy!

Joys Kills Sorrow
A delicious blend of musical skill and a sonorous trickle of vocals.  Just delightful.

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Sarah Jarosz
A melange of traditional tunes with folk interpretations.  A person I would like in the corner of my house as my personal live musician as I have a huge crush on her...and I love her music.

Mary Gauthier
In your face sassy and political with a gritty, purposeful voice.

Dry Bones
Blue grass-ish for a lazy, quiet day....or dancing about alone in one's living room...or at a festival.

Dan Mangan
A mix of folk and rock.  Hard to sit still when listening to his works.  Easy to crush on as well.

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Natacha Atlas
Electronica keyboards, Arabic sounds, dance beats, sultry lyrics, a good time.  She was born in Belgium, how cool is that!?!

David Francey
Meaningful.  His lyrics are so meaningful and purposeful, I just can't get enough of his music.  Live in concert, he is witty and honest, willing to call attention to inequities as he sees them.

Romi Mayes
Rock and roll coiled together with jazz and blues.  I am taking credit for the title of her last CD as she announced in her concert while live recording ten new songs that she did not have a title, as of yet.  She had just finished playing "Lucky Tonight" and I yelled out, 'how about 'I'm Gettin' Lucky Tonight'?'  She responded, 'that's a good idea, I'll think about it.'  Well she did and the CD is titled, Lucky Tonight.

Ruthie Foster
Her voice is reminiscent of the 1970's old guard of rockin' female musicians but with more rock n sassy.  Her cover of Adele's tune Set Fire to the Rain is hot.

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JP Hoe
A musician I was introduced to in Calgary when he opened up for a Jann Arden concert, and here in Winnipeg, we have been re-introduced as he is from here and maintains this city as his home.  A delicious voice with lyrics that avoid cliches and stereotypes.  'Always' is one of his best.

Matt Andersen
He sings with the voices of thirty men, but it all comes out of one man.  Deep.  Billowing.  Incredible.

iron and wine
These musicians play a mean folk tune full of thoughtful words.  Truly songs that you perk up to and remember.

Kim Churchill
It's hard not to have a crush on this young man.  Speedy songs with bursts of instrumental sounds.  Thank you Australia!

Chic Gamine
A group of women that take turns sharing their vocal skills through an eclectic mix of songs.  From rockin' it out to soft French ballads, these musicians keep you wondering what sounds the next song with produce.

blind pilot
Indie folk in the cavern of a barn attic.  Yep.  That good.

From Google Images
Who calls themselves monkey junk?  These men do and they swamp, boogie and stir your soul until your body follows your feet, that are already dancing.  You can thank me later for this intro.

May you try out a few of these performers and never forget that intimate shows with honest musicians is always better than lights, sparkles and coordinated pre-fab dance moves.  Go local and enjoy!

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