Friday, November 23

Holiday Concert with Women of Note

After one year in Winnipeg, I joined a choir.  It is my second year with them.  We are a 70 voice women's choir, with a 25 voice smaller chamber group within.  We have our holiday concert on December 2 at Westminster church in Winnipeg.  Start time is 3 PM (not indicated on the poster, oops!)  Last year I had one friend come.  This year more friends have purchased tickets.  As a group it turns out we have sold almost 500 tickets for our concert and we are going to print more.  Thank goodness our concert hall can handle about 900 people.  Come and get in the Christmas and holiday mood while listening to our fantastic voices.

The first half of our concert includes Christmas songs and other works.  The second half of our concert is a small string orchestra, soloists and the choir all singing Vivaldi's Gloria.  I had never heard the piece before singing it with this choir and I consider classical music something I was raised on.  Glad my repertoire and knowledge of this type of music continues to grow.  I do enjoy singing Vivaldi (Handel on the other hand.....)

Here is a Vivaldi sample:

Come and listen to us sing and pay attention to the low notes because Alto 2's rock the musical basement!

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  1. Tonia? I thought I would be just in and out of the sample of Vivaldi, but no! I had to listen to all of it. Loved the costuming in the clip and that fantastic photography, especially the women behind the ornate ironwork. And the shot of the height of the church ceiling. It all worked for me. Having heard my first sounds of Deck the Halls when I was in a Singapore mall this year, I can tell you that Vivaldi works for me at Christmas time. Well, anytime, really.