Friday, September 21

Wyona and Greg's 46th Anniversary

A few weeks ago my parents celebrated their 46th anniversary.  I posted a picture and a blurb on Facebook but neither of them have any interest in Facebook as a communication tool.  I post this here at my mother's request so they can both see the congratulations they received from others.

Love to you both!

Today is my parents anniversary. I think it has been 48 or 49 years. As a friend of mind said recently, every relationship has a shelf life. I guess my parents have worked out how to hang out together like two pickles in a jar, just getting better with time.
Happy Anniversary!

(Love this photo - the one above and below - as it sums up my parents to a T. My mother is doing something fun and hilarious while my dad watches on with a smile on his face, just enjoying the fun personality in the woman he married.)

My talented parents practicing their dance steps.

 These are the comments friends and family made on Facebook.

More evidence that they may have different personalities but they have had many a good time after putting in a hell of a lot of work.  

My mother leading the dance party congo line.

My dad hanging out with my Uncle Glen.

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  1. Thank you Tonia for posting the pictures and thank you to those who read facebook and made comments. I can barely keep up with our family blog, let alone do facebook. Greg and I thank you all for making our lives rich with experience and charm.