Thursday, August 9

Thesis Proposal

After two years of grad school I am finally ready to propose my thesis.  I was ready at the end of June but with some missed paperwork the actual presentation will be taking place at the end of this week, August 10 at 10 AM in IGAC on the second floor.  Come if you are interested in Travel Bloggers and Serious Leisure.  Come if you are going to ask me simple questions that make me look intelligent and highly prepared.  Come if you can spare the time.  Don't come if you are going to be an academic snob and try to make me look bad.  Go bug someone else.

Good practice and good luck to me!


  1. how did it go?! would have loved to listen in!

  2. Mostly well. I had fun animating my PowerPoint presentation and people who attended extended compliments to me. I passed but my methods section needs some work. Now I am improving this section, getting my ethics forms together and thinking about how to convince travel bloggers to be part of this research. Maybe I should offer them a trip to Shuswap? ;)