Wednesday, July 11

French Lessons: Adventures with knife, fork, and corkscrew

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and CorkscrewFrench Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew by Peter Mayle
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A wonderful light read by Peter Mayle who again entertains the reader with the festivals and holidays that he visits all over France.  From eating contests, to a running marathon with wine tastings along the route, to upper class semi-nude lunches, to the muddy and calming spa, Mayle's writing will put a spontaneous smile on your face, cause you to roll your eyes in disbelief, and generally love France and its inhabitants just a little bit more.  He also explains the Michelin Food Guide (yes, of the large rubber tires) that started in the 1920's rating restaurants and their food, services and ambience bestowing stars on the deserving.  Now a controversial publication in some culinary circles, many people still reach for it to peruse as the head to France for some travels, and Mayle takes the time to explain what this book means to the country and to its foodie citizens.

Give it a read and enjoy a writer who is able to present the quirks of a culture that loves many things and appears to celebrate them all.

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