Monday, June 25

A Year in Provence

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I want to give this book 3.5 stars because I really enjoyed it as a selection of stories from an Englishman who has live in the USA then moved to Southern France, and offers the ready a wonderful medley of stories about the people, weather, construction, markets, wineries and neighbours he and his wife find during their first year in Provence.  This was such a good read that I have another three of his books on order from the library.  It is not a 4 start book, in my opinion, because this is a humorous tale but not a book from which I discovered a new history about a place or was captivated by details of a culture that was shocking or caused me a personal revelation.  Still a delightful and quick read that did make me want to rent a small cottage in Provence for at least a summer or two just to put his stories of oddities and eccentricities to my own cultural tests.  Since I do not have those funds at the moment, I will continue reading his books, smiling and laughing at his experiences and stories.  Perhaps I shall add some French Provence wine to the occasions just to increase the read's authenticity.  

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