Thursday, February 9

Winnipeg Weather 3

A dead flower in winter
It is now my second winter in Le Peg (2012) and it is much warmer and more enjoyable than 2011.  The Chinook's from the Rocky Mountains have somehow lasted all along the prairies and warned us over during past two weeks.  (That statement is probably completely meteorologically incorrect and perhaps improbable but it sounds good to me.)

Hoar frost all over

This one appears to be covered during a windy day.

Last week, the weather would dip down just under freezing overnight, then rise up just at or barely above freezing during the day.  This produced several days of gorgeous hoar frost on the trees. (The first time I heard that word, I though someone said whore frost.  I could not believe that frost would be named after disenfranchised women/women making money for them selves.  Turns out is was hoar.  Sounds similar, but not.)  Several days of this frost on the trees, bushes, plants and wooden structures must made the city a magnificent winter wonderland.  I thought it would not get better, but then the fog moved in and the beauty doubled.  So gorgeous!

Pavilion in Assiniboine Park

Under another tree, taking pictures of this tree.

Time to head out with my camera and see if I could capture a thing or two.  Assiniboine Park was my destination of choice and I was able to capture several beautiful pics.  I also sent a text to several friends in town encouraging them to head out and capture the delicious vision of a city.  My friend Darren went to the Legislature and captured some photos now on Flikr.  Several others went out but I have not seen their shots as of yet.

Crusty and lovely

Who love a weeping tree?  Me!

I walked around the park, drove around the park (it is very large), and clicked away at everything that took my breathe away.  While standing taking pictures of the Pavilion, I heard a rustling in the bushes.  Twas a small family of deer looking for food in the bushes behind me.  What luck!  I turned, slowly perched on the bench nearby and snuck a picture of this deer behind the branches.

There was mutually observing and gazing for a time, then they moved on to a trodden path, then on behind several buildings.  Before they got away, I slowly walked around the bushes, squatted and found the same deer unable to stop looking at me, as I was unable to stop looking at it.

Closer the before
Perhaps it saw me as a predator, perhaps it saw me as a strange moving creature, perhaps it was sizing me up to see if it charged, who would win.  All possibilities.

Once last glance

Funny enough, while waiting in line at the post office earlier that day (while picking up a personalized mug my sister-in-law sent me ) I heard people complaining about the weather.  Really?  You would rather be stuck inside due to -35 weather, when everything feels like an ice cube outside, rather than walk through some slush as you go for a mid-winter walk opening your jacket and undoing your scarf because your body temperature is nice n warm?  Mmmmm.....I guess we all need something to complain about.  Worry not postal-line strangers, the cold weather has reappeared and will probably stick around for a good month (remember, you asked for it).  I, on the other hand, will be dreaming of warmer spring weather but will still take the chance to head out with my camera trying for find more shots like these, or that one kid who was foolish enough to lick that icy pole.  That would be a delightful shot!


  1. Tonia,

    It is as though it is in black and white. Just beautiful.


  2. I really like the pics of super frosty! Nice! Hugs to you.

  3. These pictures remind me Tonia of the Christmas Ice Storm in Ottawa. Lovely and Icy Cold.