Sunday, January 1

Twenty Twelve

Another year dawns and I am still alive and well.  This year there will include several milestones.  I leave my 30's in March and enter my 40's, which I hear are the new 20's.  Lucky me.  I want this year to be filled with a completed thesis of which I am proud, another graduation from University, a bit of travel, a bit of good conversation, a large amount of enjoyment.  Other than this, no New Year's resolutions as I want to live in the moment in which I am currently situated rather than looking too far forward or too far back.  The last decade has sped quickly by and I want the next one to be remembered moment by moment, embracing the good, difficult, painful, beautiful, thrilling and divine.  Here is to another year and completing those 39 new things I was to be doing since last March!

Enjoy a recent trip I took for a conference to Lake Louise, Alberta.
Ever capturing moments through a lens.
Enjoy the beginning of twenty-twelve.

Lake Louise, Alberta

The Edge of the Lake

The Sun Sets


  1. This sounds like a lovely way to spend the year, except writing the thesis, which of course, you main focus.