Friday, December 9

Dead Grandmother's

All my three grandmothers are now dead.
It is harsh but true.
Never met my maternal grandmother.
Lucky enough to have two paternal grandmothers.
Both paternal g's, very different from each other.
Opposite sides of the spectrum.
I am more like the one who birthed and raised my father, Grandma Billy.
None of them are around to provide me with advice anymore.
Don't worry.
In today's day and age, all you need is a good website or blog to replace a loved one.
(I can't believe I am posting that sentence.  Lightning may hit me as I strike the publish key.)

In particular you may enjoy this blog.
A rollicking good time reminding us of the progress society has made over the past few decades.
Advice as my grandmothers, I am sure, would give me if still here to provide it.

And enjoy!
Thank the creator after you have picked yourself off the ground 
when the giggles have moved onto laughter, 
the laughter onto guffaws, 
thence on to crying with sobs of hysteria.
Have a box of kleenex at the ready.

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    I took a look. Thanks Tonia.

    I went out to look at the names of Hysteria's cronies and Ne'er-do-wells. Quite the handles on some of them. Now I have to think of some name, equally descriptive for a pseudonym.

    Thinking, thinking, thinking.