Saturday, November 12

Worth My Time?

Today I spent 7 hours completing government tests for potential employment positions at which I have a .0008% chance of being offered.  If I receive an offer, however remote, it could be awesome.

What is worth my time?
What is worth your time?
In getting older, I am getting more picky about my time.
Today may or may not have been worth my time.


  1. If you want a job there, then it's worth it. You're worth it! -rini

  2. It is worth it to try. If you don't try, it will not happen.

  3. I know what you mean about the value of time. The government has endless tests and surveys and opinion poles. Sometimes I think it is just a test to see if you can get to the last page without giving up.

    Good luck with the applications.

    And how is that yellow highlighter doing with your pursuits at school. Have you used any of them until they are depleted, or do you just forget to put the lids back on and dry them up?